Posted by Ko Htut on April 28, 2019

E Box Application


The effect of some pages is as follows:



Android: Apk download link

library used

Library Features
dio Network library
provider State management
cached_network_image Image loading
fluro Routing management
fluttertoast Toast
marquee_widget scrolls Widget
page_transition Beautiful page transitions
shared_preferences Dart Common tools library
common_utils Dart Common tools library
cookie_jar cookie manager
get_it UI tools library
flutter_easyrefresh EasyRefresh
extended_text special text
loading_more_list oading more list
awsome_video_player Video Play
wave About Style
flutter_markdown .md
flutter_custom_dialog Dialog Detail
webview_flutter WebView Plugin

Follow-up plan:

  • Pull down to refresh + pull up to load more

  • Introduce state management, expected to use provider

  • Login

  • Search

  • Search History

  • Custom Banner Ad

  • Donar List

  • Custom Ebox Loading

  • Custom Silver Feature Loading

  • Movie Details

  • Series Details

  • News & Song & Review Play

  • User Guide

  • Google Admob。

  • Episode Report。

  • Movie Report。

  • Download Movie & Episode

  • Download Song